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Meet Aaron Wollner from Quontic

Meet Aaron Wollner - Chief Marketing Officer @ Quontic

Aaron Wollner is the Chief Marketing Officer at Quontic, a digital bank transforming from a small community bank to a fully online financial institution. With 18 years of experience, Aaron’s journey began at a marketing technology startup in New York City.

He later worked at marketing consulting firms like Sapient and iCrossing, where he ran analytics. Aaron’s career shifted to focus on Fintech and finance, leading to his current role at Quontic.

At Quontic, Aaron has spent 4 years building the marketing team and driving the bank’s digital transformation. He sees digital marketing as a puzzle, enjoying the process of putting pieces together to produce great results.

Aaron’s approach combines analytics with storytelling, always emphasizing the importance of testing and adapting strategies to meet customer needs.

Check out Aaron Wollner's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to ensuring brand voice consistency in your marketing campaigns, Aaron shares:

"If you deliver high-quality content over a long period of time, you'll attract a lot of people organically, and that should serve a really good purpose for the business."

Aaron also shares how he prioritizes between retention and acquisition in his marketing plans:

"If you put all your eggs in the content bucket, that's probably not a winning strategy. I think that you need to obviously be doing lots of different things as a marketer."

He also shares his thoughts on the importance of customer feedback:

"I'll never forget the first marketing lesson I had. This really compelling professor drew this out and basically said, what's the secret of marketing? 'LISTEN.'

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