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by Adam Levin

Information Experts

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Meet Adam Levin

Meet Adam Levin - CEO & CMO @ Information Experts

Adam Levin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Information Experts, a dynamic and results-driven full-service marketing communication agency with a strategic mindset and tactical expertise. 

Adam’s journey into marketing started with running his college’s ultimate Frisbee team, where he created a cool logo, branded t-shirts, and professional frisbees.

This experience, combined with his role as VP of Sales and Marketing at a logistics company in his late 20s, led him to fall in love with the process of marketing and branding.

At Information Experts, Adam helps organizations and individuals differentiate themselves through authentic marketing and branding. His company delivers better marketing results for clients at a lower cost by providing an outsourced CMO solution.

Check out Adam Levin's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Adam shares:

"I'm a big proponent of pushing out content that is educational, not salesy. If you can, push something out that's bringing value to the audience."

He also shares why branding is critical for their industry:

"Branding is critical, and you got to create your objectives for your brand. Is it your personal brand versus your organizational brand?"

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