Strategic Marketing to Empower Communities with Data-Driven Insights

by Adam Runner


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Meet Adam Runner

Meet Adam Runner - Vice President of Marketing & Business Development @ mySidewalk

Adam Runner is the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at mySidewalk, a technology company that combines data and storytelling to help Changemakers build stronger communities.

Adam is a proactive strategist and revenue growth leader. He is passionate about harnessing data to tell powerful stories and drive change.

His professional career started in urban design before he transitioned into marketing roles. He realized the skills that made him a good urban designer – understanding complex systems and shaping the future – also made him a great marketer.

At mySidewalk, Adam is driven by the mission to positively impact communities by providing accessible data and insights to inform critical decisions that will affect generations.

Adam’s marketing leadership helps empower communities with data-driven insights to make a real impact in their community.

Check out Adam Runner's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to designing go-to-market experiments, Adam shares:

"Optimize for doing experiments more so than you want to optimize for the results of experiments. Take a very iterative approach, and try to launch 1-2 growth experiments per week."

He also shares why branding is important in their industry:

"Branding is really important for explaining, communicating to the market why it is you do what you do, and signaling that back into your own organization as well."

Adam explains his thoughts on content creation and distribution:

"Making content now is less about specializing in a particular channel or distribution tactic, and more about having a really good, strong, consistent message that you can invest in."

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