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Meet Adam Weinroth

Meet Adam Weinroth - Chief Marketing Officer @ Form Bio

Adam Weinroth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Form Bio, a company focused on applying AI and machine learning to cell and gene therapy development, operating within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

He earned his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Moreover, Adam has extensive experience in growing SaaS startups in industries ranging from FinTech to Media. 

Some of the notable companies Adam has worked for include Invoiced and Colossal Biosciences.

With his proven track record in key marketing positions, Adam joined Form Bio to contribute his top-notch expertise as a well-rounded marketer.

At Form Bio,  Adam leads the company’s marketing initiatives, particularly for a specialized and scientific audience. 

He advocates using rigorous scientific research for content production in life sciences, leveraging artificial intelligence, and developing a holistic set of marketing skills

Check out Adam Weinroth's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating and distributing content in marketing, , Adam shares:

"Marketers need to take a serious look at how content marketing can and can't play a role in their efforts. Then, understand not just how you're going to create your content, but also how that content will be distributed, targeted, and found."

He also shares more insights about artificial intelligence and content marketing:

"If you' aren't already leveraging AI capabilities in some aspects and incorporating AI into your marketing work today, you're likely falling behind. You could be setting yourself up for a significant skills deficit within the next couple of years. "

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