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Meet Alex Lloyd from Shaype

Meet Alex Lloyd - Chief Brand & Marketing Officer @ Hay Group (Shaype™ & Hay™)

A branding, strategy, and marketing professional with 17 years of experience working with leading consumer brands from various industries. 

For the last 4 years Alex has worked for in the financial services industry managing both a B2B brand, Shaype, and a B2C brand, Hay. Shaype is an international fintech based in Sydney, New South Wales, with offices in London, Ireland and Poland providing embedded finance products and services to any business wanting to own and control the final piece of the brand experience.

While Hay is a “Money at life-speed” mobile-first payments and money management app for Australian consumers 16+, improving their customers’ ability to control, spend and understand their finances to improve their financial wellbeing.

Check out Alex's thoughts on digital marketing

About how marketing and sales can work together, Alex shares:

"Firstly see them as one team, not two. Sales have a HUIGE advantage as they spend a lot of time with customers and can enrich marketing with more real-time understanding of customer needs. Marketing then improves the material and activity for sales to communicate with customers."

He also shares how to work with your executive team to get the most out of the marketing function:

"Be as collaborative and empathetic as possible. As well as working from a clear holistic plan that has been endorsed but all. That allows for more diverse thinking, allows for better understanding of opportunities and risk. And improves culture which improves productivity."

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