Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Marketing
in the Digital Age

by Alexandra Matthiesen

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Please note: This interview happened while Alexandra held the CMO role at her previous company. As of September 2023, she has transitioned to the role of Head of Marketing at Three Space Lab.

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Meet Alexandra Matthiesen from Pillr

Meet Alexandra Matthiesen - Head of Marketing @ Three Space Lab

Alexandra Matthiesen is the Head of Marketing at Three Space Lab, a spin-off from MIT Media Lab, specializing in VR and AR software for interactive education and training, with a strong background in multi-user virtual reality and scientific visualization.

Alexandra has been a strong advocate for fostering a collaborative culture that bridges marketing, sales, and technical teams. 

She believes that a holistic and data-driven approach, combined with open communication, is crucial for successful revenue generation. 

She also values delivering authentic and accurate messages to target customers. This encourages her to works closely with development teams to fully understand the product.

Check out Alexandra's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to writing content that customers want to read, Alexandra shares:

"Understand the technology you take to market. Dedicate time to connecting with your development and engineering team to learn about how your solution functions—its capabilities and supporting features—so you can talk about the tech in ways that are accurate and authentic."

She also shares about how to connect with customer pain points:

"Align your organization's revenue generation divisions—creating an environment where sharing information and working toward the same goals is possible; with true collaboration between teams, you're positioned to maintain a pulse on the heart of current and prospective customers."

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