Marketing's New Paradigm:
Insights on AI, Transparency, and ROI

by Amit Pande

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Meet Amit Pande from Aviso AI

Meet Amit Pande - Chief Marketing Officer @ Aviso AI

Amit Pande is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Aviso AI. He spearheads the marketing efforts of this company that specializes in bringing an AI-guided Revenue Operating System for sales.

At Aviso AI, Amit leads a dynamic team that bridges technology, sales, and marketing to shape the future of revenue operations.

Furthermore, he oversees the company’s strategic marketing direction by using data-driven insights and leveraging generative AI.

Amit has a proven track record of helping AI businesses scale. He supports these companies’ efforts through GTM strategies, product storytelling, and sales enablement.

Check out Amit's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to working with strategic partners, Amit shares:

"Strategic partners can help marketing scale in new areas quickly and assess ROI before hiring an entire team."

He also shares about how to build an exceptional brand:

"A brand is a promise. One of the branding approaches I follow is the framework of meaning, emotion, and logic. An exceptional brand not only solves logical problem people will pay for, it stands for something bigger, and evokes strong emotions to rally a community behind it."

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