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Meet Andrew Allen

Meet Andrew Allen - Vice President of Content Marketing @ Crossover

Andrew Allen is the Vice President of Content Marketing at Crossover, the world’s largest database of skilled remote talent, helping the world’s most talented professionals qualify for elite remote jobs.

Andrew has been in marketing for over 17 years, working across diverse industries including banking, finance, fitness, and the Broadway theater.

Despite his creative background and passion for theater, Andrew chose to pursue a career in marketing. This decision has paid dividends because it allowed him to apply his creativity to achieve business outcomes.

As VP of Content Marketing, Andrew leads the company’s content creation and distribution across all channels.

His work has delivered results for Crossover as he has demonstrated in tripling Crossover’s social media followers to 6.5 million in 24 months.

Finally, Andrew is passionate about providing individuals with world-class skills and access to top-paying remote jobs. He does his part by acting on his mission of creating memorable and compelling content.

Check out Andrew Allen's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to how marketing can support sales, Andrew shares:

"The function of marketing is to generate mental availability with future buyers—so the search engine in their brain can recall your product once they're actually in-market. Sales is what happens after that."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Figure out what generic corporate brands do, then run in the opposite direction. Talk like a human. Have more fun. Find humor in the relatable truths that your audience experiences."

Andrew explains what marketers can do to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"Learn to leverage the 'jagged frontier'. AI is better than you at some things (e.g. analyzing data instantly), and worse than you at other things (e.g. course-correcting a bad brief to solve the right problem). Seek to use AI for all the former, and humans for all the latter."

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