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Global Jet Capital

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Meet Andrew Farrant

Meet Andrew Farrant - Chief Marketing Officer @ Global Jet Capital

Andrew Farrant serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Global Jet Capital, a company specializing in aircraft sales and financial solutions for the business aircraft market worldwide.

Prior to joining GJC, Andrew was the Vice President of Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Corporate Communications for Sequa Corporation and Chromalloy where he led strategic planning and brand development. 

He previously worked at StandardAero, leading brand development and management. Prior to that, he led the successful corporate rebranding of Landmark Aviation, a Carlyle Group company formed after the merger of three aviation businesses, including an engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul network. 

He previously spent 15 years in marketing leadership positions at Bombardier Aerospace. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

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When it comes to approaching market research both customer and competitor-focused, Andrew shares:

"At the company level, I’ve always believed in rigorous, consistent, and independent measures of awareness and perception. In the context of the brand, I like to see a business set out to define its desired reputation and then check in with the employee base and the marketplace regularly to understand if that desired reputation is being achieved. What is commonly referred to as “voice-of-customer” research can provide strong insight into how a brand is performing. Provided the research is “blind” it can also provide insight into how key competitors are being perceived which is a key component of overall brand and business strategy."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Maintaining a rigorous approach to listening to the employee base through internal engagement research and the marketplace through “voice-of-customer” research is critical to understanding how the brand is being perceived by key audiences. From that insight comes broader understanding as to whether the brand is delivering in a credible, authentic, and relevant fashion. Insight of this nature can help organizations determine if their brand strategy is on point or requires adjustment."

Andrew explains how marketing can support sales:

"I’ve always believed that to avoid the sometimes short-term and tactical nature of sales – marketing organizations need dedicated and independent leadership reporting directly to the CEO. With that in mind, the marketing organization should consider sales as its number one internal client. For optimal performance, the two organizations need to be joined at the hip and highly collaborative concerning brand strategy, product definition, pricing strategy, content development, lead generation, and win-loss analysis."

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