Leveraging a Commercialization Framework for Effective Go-to-Market Strategies

by Andrew Neff

Quorum Software

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Meet Andrew Neff

Meet Andrew Neff - Vice President of Product Marketing and Go-to-Market Commercialization @ Quorum Software

Andrew Neff is the Vice President of Product Marketing and Go-to-Market Commercialization at Quorum Software, a leading provider of energy software worldwide powering growth and profitability for energy businesses.

Andrew is an expert in operations, product marketing, business strategy, and digital transformation. Throughout his career, he has created and delivered value for customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Some of the more notable businesses Andrew worked for include GE and Honeywell

At Quorum Software, Andrew has built the product marketing function from the ground up. He leads the global product marketing team to drive top-line growth, margin expansion, and customer satisfaction for the company’s portfolio of cloud-based solutions for the energy industry.

Andrew brings a data-driven, pragmatic approach to go-to-market strategy and demand generation at Quorum. He leverages digital marketing best practices and partners closely with the sales team to drive business growth.

Check out Andrew Neff's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Andrew shares:

"I think AI has the ability to really bring new things to a business and help speed things up and elevate the work."

He also shares why branding is important for their industry:

"For our industry, I think branding is incredibly important, making sure that we tell our story and our brand is consistent and that we're adhering to a comprehensive brand guideline that includes consistent messaging, consistent visual elements, tone of voice."

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