How Angella Gronenthal Builds Trust Through Branding at Nice Healthcare

by Angella Gronenthal

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Meet Angella Gronenthal of Nice Healthcare

Meet Angella Gronenthal - VP of Marketing @ Nice Healthcare

Angella Gronenthal serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Nice Healthcare, a trailblazing company dedicated to delivering convenient healthcare services directly to employees.

Angella began her illustrious career in the fashion industry, crafting compelling campaigns and award-winning visual content. Her passion for marketing led her to pursue an MBA at USC Marshall School of Business, where she honed her strategic and analytical skills.

Despite initially stepping away from the healthcare sector after co-founding a startup, the transformative impact of COVID-19 reignited Angella’s dedication to the field. This pivotal moment brought her to Nice Healthcare, where she now spearheads marketing initiatives for their groundbreaking healthcare model, which offers both virtual and in-person medical care.

With an audience-first approach, Angella prioritizes email campaigns and employer channels over traditional social media. Her leadership philosophy centers on empowering specialists and fostering cross-functional collaboration. By building agile teams and promoting professional development, Angella ensures her staff is equipped to thrive and drive the company’s mission forward.

Check out Angella's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to the importance of branding in healthcare, Angella shares:

"Branding is more than just logo. Branding is more than just color. It's the tone. It's the personality. It's the weight. It's the voice, and how you kind of get your strategy across."

She also shares her approach of developing a go-to-market strategy for new products:

"We test and we roll out. So that has very successful results for us. We've also segmented our audiences in a way that we can do these tests and capture that data before we roll out to the greater pool.

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