Hyperlocal Healthcare Marketing Strategies
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by Anney Perrine

PALM Health

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Meet Anney Perrine

Meet Anney Perrine - Senior Vice President of Marketing @ PALM Health

Anney Perrine is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at PALM Health, an innovative lifestyle medicine and wellness company that empowers people to transform their health and feel their best in mind and body.

Anney took an unconventional path into marketing. She started in sales and service at PALM Health before taking on more leadership roles. These experiences helped her become an expert in identifying the company’s target audience, buyer personas, and branding.

As the company’s SVP of PALM Health, she has helped the company build strong community partnerships, inspire members to bring in more people, and host free educational events open to the public.

Anney is passionate about helping people reach their health and wellness goals.

 At PALM Health, she works to empower people to change their lives and take meaningful actions for their well-being.

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When it comes to their go-to-market strategy, Anney shares:

"It's a hyperlocal strategy that we use. So it's a lot more networking, building community partnerships, inspiring people to bring in friends and family, hosting educational events that are free and open to the public."

She also shares what their company focuses on in terms of branding:

"Our brand is really built on client experience and providing that personalized interaction and being connected to the community versus trying to be slick."

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