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Meet Anthea Louie

Meet Anthea Louie - Vice President of Digital Demand Center @ Pure Storage

Anthea Louie is the Vice President, Digital Demand Center at Pure Storage, a leading provider of enterprise-grade, all-flash block, file, and object storage

Anthea started her career in nonprofit charitable fundraising with a deep focus on customer acquisition and database marketing. From then on, she transitioned into taking on critical roles that helped drive demand and revenue growth for notable companies such as Epson, Disney, Yahoo!, and Symantec.

At Pure Storage, Anthea is responsible for the digital Center of Excellence (COE). She works closely with field marketing and the events team to drive top-of-funnel awareness and consideration for Pure Storage. 

With her background in nonprofits and her extensive marketing leadership skills, Anthea brings a unique perspective to marketing and demand generation in the data storage industry.

Finally, Anthea is passionate about building and leading high-performing teams that promote a culture of transparency, bias for action, collaboration, and accountability.

Check out Anthea Louie's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to marketing supporting sales, Anthea shares:

"The relationship between Marketing and Sales is a collaboration. One is not in service to the other; but rather, is symbiotic and reliant on the other to meet the needs of customers as they research, evaluate, and select the best solution to solve their problems."

She also shares about how marketers can tap into the  power of artificial intelligence:

"AI can help in terms of operational efficiencies and time and budget and resources. However, you still need resources to validate before you go out, you want to make sure that you are validating."

Anthea explains how she creates engagement using marketing:

"Identifying customer pain points and developing content, offers, and experiences that speak to those pain points are critical to driving engagement. In addition, measurement and insights will help inform what's working and where there are opportunities for improvement."

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