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Meet Anthony Kennedy - Chief Marketing Officer @ ION

Anthony Kennedy is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at ION, a visionary innovators’ company who are delivering mission-critical trading and workflow automation software to financial institutions, corporations, central banks, and governments.

Anthony has spent most of his 25-year career building in-house marketing communications agencies for large corporates. He joined Ion two years ago as Group CMO and CMO for the Markets Portfolio, transitioning from managing marketing teams to leading strategic marketing initiatives.

At Ion, Anthony oversees mission-critical trading and workflow automation software, high-value analytics, data, and insights for financial institutions, central banks, governments, and corporations.

He focuses on enabling customers to do more, faster, and better by designing solutions that simplify complex processes and improve decision-making.

Anthony’s marketing strategies vary across Ion’s five portfolios, targeting different sectors like capital markets, corporates, analytics, and core banking.

He emphasizes long-term partnerships with customers, many of whom have been with Ion for decades.

Check out Anthony Kennedy's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to keeping a brand fresh over time, Anthony shares:

"Keeping a brand fresh over time is a constant evolution and necessary to remain relevant. Know your audience, innovate and adapt, leverage new channels with high-value content, and engage with your community."

He also shares his thoughts on how marketing support sales:

"Marketing must partner with sales, supporting them by creating awareness to generate leads, nurturing and qualifying leads, and driving revenue through sales teams."

Anthony explains how marketers can connect pain points:

"Pay attention to your market! Listen to feedback, map the customer journey, and conduct deep research. Learn from your customers and use targeted high-value content to showcase solutions to solve their pain points."

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