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by Anthony Standifer

mSEED Group

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Meet Anthony Standifer

Meet Anthony Standifer - Chief Marketing Officer @ mSEED group

Anthony Standifer is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at mSEED group, a contract manufacturer AND marketing agency that specializes in expediting the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the beauty and personal care space.

Anthony has a degree in history but stumbled into marketing and found his passion in the beauty industry after an internship and layoff led him to pursue opportunities in the industry.

Throughout Anthony’s career, he has managed beauty brands in the US and globally in markets like Europe, Africa & South America. 

A key part of Anthony’s work involves beauty product formulation & contract manufacturing, and assisting in the overall brand development of new and existing start-ups, large companies, and small cosmetic brands. 

With nearly 25 years of experience in beauty, Anthony leverages his reputation and social media presence to generate leads and share his knowledge to educate aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

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When it comes to marketers leveraging AI to become more effective, Anthony shares:

"There should be incorporation of technology at every layer of the organization. We started to slowly mandate it in certain critical functions across the board because people were just not readily accepting it in fear, that maybe this was going to replace their job."

He also shares about the importance of branding within the industry:

"Branding is everything. Branding is reputation. Branding is visibility"

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