Pioneering Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Blockchain Cybersecurity

by Arabdha Sudhir


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Meet Arabdha Sudhir

Meet Arabdha Sudhir - Vice President of Marketing @ Halborn

Arabdha Sudhir is the Vice President of Marketing at Halborn, an award-winning, elite cybersecurity company for blockchain organizations.

Arabdha is a Web3 marketer, computer science engineer, and entrepreneur. She has over 8 years of professional marketing experience, specializing in driving growth, content strategy, and business development.

With a background in computer science engineering, Arabdha co-founded three startups including a blockchain accelerator in 2016. She was drawn to the blockchain industry’s ethos of transparency, authenticity, decentralization, and its progressive nature.

At Halborn, Arabdha combines her technical background, marketing skills, and passion for blockchain to bridge the gap between Halborn’s elite cybersecurity solutions and their customers.

She focuses on educating the industry about current trends, and best practices, and empowering projects to create secure products that offer true value to their communities.

Check out Arabdha Sudhir's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to marketing with existing and new customers, Arabdha shares:

"If your client is really happy with the quality of service that you're giving and with how secure the ecosystem has become through the work, they become your best endorsers."

She also shares why branding is important in their industry:

"We are perceived as this absolutely serious, really responsible, and yet like an agile brand. It's the same persona that talks to you, be it through our events, be it through our disclosure content, be it through our merch, whatever that is."

Arabdha explains how they use content marketing to educate its audience:

"We do a lot of training oriented, education oriented content where we're just teaching people how to be one step secure and just follow the best practices in their normal life."

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