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Meet Armen Najarian

Meet Armen Najarian - Chief Marketing Officer @ Sift

Armen Najarian is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Sift, a leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk.

As a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran, Armen brings plenty of expertise in branding, marketing leadership, and cybersecurity marketing.

Armen’s leadership has been instrumental in driving Sift’s marketing strategy.

In particular, he spearheaded Sift’s recent rebranding efforts that highlighted the creation of their best-performing source of pipeline called Fraud Industry Benchmarking Resource (FIBR).

Moreover, Armen has also recently served as CMO at Outseer, Agari, and ThreatMetrix. In his tenure there, he has helped increase shareholder value.

Check out Armen Najarian's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating content using Artificial Intelligence, Armen shares:

"Challenge your teams to experiment with Generative AI. 2024 is the year to make this happen."

He also explains why buyer personas are helpful in content marketing:

"Keeps your marketing and GTM focused so you can connect with your audience."

Armen also shares how strategic partners can help in marketing :

"Amplify your voice in the market and accelerate time to revenue."

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