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Meet Ashley Allman - Vice President of Marketing and Development @ Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay

Ashley Allman is the Vice President of Marketing and Development at Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay, a non-profit, faith-based corporation offering a full range of senior living and health care services.

Ashley’s  journey into marketing began with a passion for nonprofits, focusing on fundraising and development work. Now she has experience in event planning, management and budget planning. Specializing in non-profit fundraising and events.

Six years ago, she transitioned to overseeing the sales and marketing department, blending her nonprofit experience with sales and marketing. This unique background allows her to market the intangible mission of a nonprofit organization effectively.

Under Ashley’s leadership, Westminster Canterbury has embraced digital channels, with email campaigns proving highly successful and cost-effective for lead generation. The community serves over 1,000 individuals locally and 22,000 nationally, showcasing its significant impact.

Ashley emphasizes the importance of building a strong brand, as evidenced by their recognition as the number one life plan community in Virginia by Newsweek. Her approach to marketing is data-driven, using metrics and KPIs to evaluate success and make informed decisions.

Ashley believes in fostering trust and open communication within her team, ensuring everyone feels supported. Her leadership style focuses on relationships, making her a respected and effective leader in the marketing field.

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When it comes to the impact of building trust on your marketing efforts, Ashley shares:

"Cultivate strong relationships with your team and clients. Trust and open communication can significantly enhance your marketing efforts and overall success."

He also shares his perspectives on why is important to track metrics in marketing:

"To understand what works best and adjust your strategy accordingly."

Ashley explains what is a crucial element for leadership in marketing:

"Firm, fair, and friendly is definitely kind of where I lie, but it's all about building that trust and creating those relationships to make yourself a leader."

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