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Barry Bowen - CMO of Fraud.com

Barry Bowen - CMO @ Fraud.com

Barry Bowen is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Fraud.com – a London-based company providing businesses with end-to-end and fraud prevention solutions, including:

  • Identity Verification
  • Biometric Authentication
  • AI Fraud Detection
  • Fraud Orchestration

Fraud.com gained its reputation and acknowledgment with:

  • FinTech Awards Best Fraud Operations Solution 2020
  • London’s Best Fraud Detection Companies – To Work for and Buy From 2020
  • 20 Top English Fraud Detection Start-ups & Firms 2020
  • Best Fraud Detection Companies Award 2021

Barry is responsible for marketing, media, and sales strategies.

A deep technologist commercial and marketing leader and knows what it takes to drive conversations.

With nearly three decades of experience in fraud prevention, risk, security, and compliance for multimillion-dollar brands such as IBM, Hitachi, and Mysis.

Barry’s superpower is creating simplicity out of complexity.

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About how to work with strategic partners, Barry shared: 

"We work with a few technology partners to deliver the best-of-breed technologies, furthermore we work with the leading technology market research consultants to stay one step ahead on trends, features and an eye on the competition."

… and about keeping a brand fresh over time:

"1. Make sure we understand what our audience wants and needs. Then ensure our material is providing the latest trends in the industry to make you the most compelling option.
2. Reguallr audits
3. Adjust our visual identity
4. Update our tone of voice"

To monitor the success of any marketing and sales campaign, Barry suggests tracking these KPIs:

"Customer sentiment, cost per lead, return on marketing investment (ROI), MRR, ARR, churn rate, retention, new subscribers, sales by contact method, goal completion rate and of course google analytics."

He also shared his approach to market research both customer and competitor-focused:

"We capture our client's beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, and experiences, so can build an accurate picture of how to best serve their needs. We do this via user groups and our platform analytics. Regarding competitors and trends we work closely with leading research organisations."

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