Best practices in co-promoting your brand with client’s success stories

CMO Ben Mitchell of K-TIG, disruptive innovation in the welding industry.

by Ben Mitchell

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Meet Ben Mitchell - Chief Marketing Officer @ K-TIG

Ben Mitchell is the CMO at K-TIG, an advanced GTAW technology that helps reduce multi-hour welds to minutes while retaining the sort after high quality of conventional TIG processes.

He’s a professional marketer with more than 15 years of experience in all marketing areas, marketing, strategy, leadership, management, innovation, and business acumen.

“I love the art of telling stories and connecting with people to find shared value. Marketing is the best of both worlds as it allows you to share your company’s story and connect on a level that generates insights and understanding. There is nothing better than having your audience engage with your creative concepts and resonate with your message.” – Ben Mitchell

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