Effective Marketing Strategies and Channels
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by Beverly Brister

Proponent FCU

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Meet Beverly Brister

Meet Beverly Brister - Head of Social Media & Marketing Strategy @ Proponent Federal Credit Union

Beverly Brister is the Head of Social Media & Marketing Strategy at Proponent Federal Credit Union, a financial services company that has provided exclusive borrowing options as an alternative to for-profit banks for over 50 years.

Beverly’s professional journey is marked by leading small and mid-sized businesses to new levels of success in audience growth, sales, and brand awareness.

Moreover, she is an expert in strategic business coaching, lead generation, email, and social media marketing. Through her expertise, she helped drive growth for many businesses.

In her present role at Proponent, Beverly plays a key role in positioning the credit union as an alternative to for-profit banks, emphasizing personalized service, lower fees, and better rates for members.

Moreover, she emphasizes the use of data to understand the audience and effectively drive demand.

At Proponent, Beverly is in charge of developing marketing strategies, lead generation for membership growth, and brand awareness.

Check out Beverly Brister's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Beverlyshares:

"Just like you have to remember to be social on social media, your marketing has to be engaging to create engagement. Ask questions of your audience, write about topics they're alredy talking about, and don't be afraid to get their feedback."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Share something new about it a little at a time. Highlight a major feature or offering one month, then a little known hidden gem the next. Keep this pattern going and over time your audience will see there's always something new about your brand."

Beverly explains how marketers should be thinking about content and the buyers’ journey:

"Content should be relevant to the potential buyer according to their stage in the marketing funnel, informative, and linking solutions to their pain points."

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