Revenue-Driven Marketing for Hyperscale Growth in the Digital Economy

by Blair Felter


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Meet Blair Felter

Meet Blair Felter - Senior Director Global Marketing @ CyrusOne

Blair Felter is the  Senior Director Global Marketing at CyrusOne, a global leader in the development and operation of sustainable, scalable, high-availability, and flexible data center solutions.

With a background spanning various marketing disciplines, Blair Felter has amassed a wealth of experience in programmatic advertising, demand generation, branding, and more. Her professional career displays a commitment to continuous learning and a hands-on approach to mastering every aspect of marketing. 

That is why she is respected as a tech marketing leader, a demand generation expert, and a revenue operations strategist. 

At CyrusOne, she spearheads the marketing efforts of ensuring many businesses’ continued operation of digital infrastructure.

Blair’s leadership style emphasizes empathy and understanding, which she derived from her own experiences working in various roles within marketing organizations. 

With a passion for helping teams grow and succeed, Blair is dedicated to driving results and delivering value to both customers and stakeholders.

Check out Blair Felter's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to the roles that strategic partners play in marketing, Blair shares:

"Partners are huge for B2B brands, partnership and influencer marketing can elevate your strategy just like in B2C. It's all about authenticity. When your partner vouches for your brand to their network, trust skyrockets. It's personal, effective, and builds lasting relationships."

She also shares about how marketing can support sales:

"Every CMO should be a hybrid CRO, tying every effort to revenue. It starts with the brand—Sales thrives on a brand they're proud of. Marketing's role is to build that brand, get it out there, and convert it into the pipeline."

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