Redefining the Healthcare Industry through Strategic Marketing and Partnerships

by Blair Primis

Flagship Specialty Partners

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Meet Blair Primis

Meet Blair Primis - Chief Marketing Officer @ Flagship Specialty Partners

Blair Primis is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Flagship Specialty Partners, a management services company providing specialists, especially dental surgeons, the means for success in delivering exceptional patient care and an enjoyable work environment.

Blair’s professional career in marketing communications, creative directions, and social networking spans over 25 years. 

He started his marketing career at ad agencies then transitioned to corporate marketing, the financial services sector before finally moving into healthcare marketing in 2009. 

Blair has spent the last 16-17 years leading marketing, communications, content, creative, and event teams in the private healthcare practice space. 

At Flagship Specialty Partners, Blair and his team support oral surgeons by providing services in marketing, HR, finance, operations, and business development, allowing the surgeons to focus on being clinicians and providers and delivering outstanding patient care.

As the CMO, Blair oversees the marketing strategy and execution for a partnership that supports and empowers surgeons to achieve their practice goals and thrive in the modern healthcare market.

Check out Blair Primis's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to defining a brand, Blair shares:

"At the end of the day, a brand is only what other people think it is. And I like to say marketing is how you think of yourself."

He also shares about how marketers can leverage AI to become more effective:

""I see it as just another teammate that can bring ideas and thoughts to our team to then execute. I, by no means, see it as a replacement of a teammate."

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