Education for Retirement: A Unique Financial Services Marketing Approach

by Brad Swineheart

Oxford Advisory Group

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Meet Brad Swineheart

Meet Brad Swinehart - Chief Marketing Officer @ Oxford Advisory Group

Brad Swineheart is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Oxford Advisory Group, a private, family-owned retirement planning & wealth management firm that specializes in helping pre-retirees and retirees navigate their retirement years.

Brad started his career in retail and sales after graduating in 2008. He then worked his way up to become a manager at a marketing company that works specifically for financial advisors, helping build a successful marketing practice.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Brad spearheads the firm’s growth and business development efforts. Moreover, he is in charge of implementing marketing strategies to help families benefit from the experience of the team at Oxford Advisory Group. 

At Oxford Advisory Group, Brad is passionate about educating people on the important aspects of retirement planning and helping them live their retirement years without worry or stress.

Brad also hosts the podcast, Be Advised.

Check out Brad Swineheart's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to how marketing can support sales, Brad shares:

"Marketing and Sales seem to be at odds because of a fundemental misunderstanding of roles. Marketing at its best attracts those in need of a solution by flashing ideas that capture attention. Sales is the act of turning fleeting attention into a strong need for your solution."

He also shares about how he works with strategic partners:

"Identify those that have a resource or audience you would benefit from sharing, and immediately start trying to provide serious value to them. Most partnerships never get off the ground because the focus is too heavy on what they will receive, focus on what you can give."

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