Educate, Engage, and Convert: A Tested Formula for Health Tech Marketing

by Brook White


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Meet Brook White

Meet Brook White - Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations @ CRIO

Brook White is the Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations at CRIO, a health tech company helping pharma, biotech, research sites, and academic research centers streamline regulatory workflows with one system that enables a single point of data capture.

With over 20+ years in the life science industry, Brook White stands as a trusted leader who can bring growth to the business.

Brook took an unconventional path to marketing. She transitioned from working as a chemist to various roles in technology, and project management and eventually found her passion in content marketing and business development. 

Brook’s industry expertise and understanding of customer needs have been instrumental in driving CRIO’s growth and success.

At CRIO, Brook leads the marketing efforts to educate customers about the company’s innovative solutions that streamline clinical trial processes and reduce inefficiencies.

Her customer-centric approach and ability to align marketing strategies with business objectives have positioned CRIO as a game-changer in the health tech industry.

Check out Brook White's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to writing content that customers want to read, Brook shares:

"Good content starts with a strong understanding of who your customers are. What challenges do they face? How do they solve problems? What motivates them? It's not about your solution or your company, it's about your customer."

She also shares how marketing can support sales:

"At the strategic level, marketing supports sales through brand awareness and demand generation ensuring prospects are familiar with the company's solutions and reputation. Tactically, marketing supports sales through both lead generation and sales enablement."

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