Leveraging Distinctive Branding And Market Data For Sustainable Growth

by Bryan Law

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Meet Bryan Law

Meet Bryan Law - Chief Marketing Officer @ ZoomInfo

Bryan Law is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at ZoomInfo, a leading go-to-market platform to help businesses find, acquire, and grow customers.

Having worked for top brands like Salesforce, Tableau, and Google, Bryan brings his data-driven and strategic approach to marketing leadership to ZoomInfo.

Moreover, he has been pivotal in driving ZoomInfo’s strategic initiatives to deliver the best data and insights to individuals and businesses.

What drives Bryan to excel in his role is his passion for customer engagement, data and analytics, strategy, and technology. All of these elements intersect for Bryan’s leadership role at ZoomInfo.

Bryan Law continues to be a thought leader and a renowned voice for emphasizing the importance of strong data foundations, research-backed initiatives, and distinctive branding for businesses.

Check out Bryan Law's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to branding, Bryan Law shares:

"You need to start with, ‘Who are your ideal customers?’ ‘What are the buying situations that they're in?’ In those buying situations, essentially, what are the mental triggers that are going off for them? What are their thoughts? What are the feelings, the emotions that they're having? And then ideally, you need to then start there and then attach your brand to those."

He also shares about the importance of understanding the buyer’s journey:

"Buyers have a day-one list and 90% of the time they choose from that day-one list. So it's really, really important to be on that day-one list."

Bryan Law also adds more insights into branding:

"By shared voice, that used to mean how much money are you spending? But It's more when you're thinking about those category entry points. Those thoughts, feelings, emotions, you want to be known for. When people are talking about those things, how much do they associate with your brand versus everyone else? So that's your shared voice."

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