Innovative and Customer-Centric Marketing
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by Cania Infante

Municipal Credit Union

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Meet Cania Infante

Meet Cania Infante - Chief Marketing Officer @ Municipal Credit Union

Cania Infante is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Municipal Credit Union, a full-service financial institution and Metro New York’s largest credit union that offers a broad range of financial services primarily to New York City municipal employees. 

Cania is an analytically savvy financial services executive leader. She is also widely considered a marketing and branding expert, especially in the financial services industry. 

Her marketing journey was sparked by a desire to explore new avenues beyond her retail background. 

Moreover, Cania’s passion for empowering individuals through financial education and her connection to the immigrant experience inform her dedication to serving the customers’ diverse financial needs.

In her current role at MCU, Cania focuses on enhancing the member experience, developing innovative products, and building strategic partnerships to drive growth and market position.

Cania achieves such feats in the competitive financial services industry through “out-of-the-box” thinking, a strong institutional knowledge base, and a unique passion for cultivating both personal and business connections.

Check out Cania Infante's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to connecting customer pain points to content, Cania shares:

"Gathering insights from both customers and employees is crucial for pinpointing pain points. Analyzing these interactions, we collaborate internally to address identified pain points, ensuring an enhanced overall customer experience."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"It's crucial to regularly reassess your target audience and market trends, refresh visual identity and messaging, and collaborate with strategic partners. Consistent monitoring and adaptation to feedback and shifts in the market are key to maintaining relevance and impact."

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