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Meet Carmen Vetere

Meet Carmen Vetere - Chief Marketing Officer @ O'Reilly Media

Carmen Vetere is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at O’Reilly Media, a learning platform whose mission is to change the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators.

Carmen is a B2C and B2B marketing professional with a proven record of success. He is an experienced leader in building marketing strategies and teams to scale high-growth businesses. 

Throughout his professional career, he has helped businesses in multiple stages of their marketing plan development. Some of the notable brands that Carmen worked for include CVS Health, Gazelle, and Virgin Money.

At O’Reilly, Carmen leads marketing efforts for the company’s transformation from a book publisher and conference provider to a trusted  SaaS-based learning platform. 

O’Reilly focuses on helping tech teams within businesses develop the skills needed to adopt new technologies and drive innovation within their organizations. 

With over seven years at O’Reilly, Carmen has guided in driving the company’s marketing transformation and growth in the tech and e-learning space.

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When it comes to approaching market  research, Carmen shares:

"I’m a big fan of market research as an input. We’re all awash in behavioral data from our analytics tools, but market and customer research can really unlock attitudinal insights that can help us tap into the emotional aspects of customers buying process. There are many ways to do research from the very costly and thorough to the fast and easy. My advice would be to just get some attitudinal insights about your customers and prospects even if it’s not the most thorough because it will help you understand them better and drive a better result."

He also explains what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"Experiment! It’s a new space for all of us and I think we’re all learning as we go with GenAI right now. As a leader, I think the most important thing I can be doing is encouraging people to embrace it rather than fear it. That’s led to my team coming up with some really interesting use cases like exploring email creation tools, using GenAI to help draft briefs, and exploring how it might help with image creation."

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