Innovation for Institutional Safety: An Impactful Tech Marketing Mission

by Caroline Dunn


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Meet Caroline Dunn

Meet Caroline Dunn - Vice President of Marketing @ Wahsega

Caroline Dunn is the Vice President of Marketing at Wahsega, The first Safety IoT company protecting people and buildings while linking device management with building intelligence.

With her background in electrical engineering, Caroline transitioned into marketing to help communicate how innovations can make the world a better place.

Caroline believes in the importance of customer discovery, case studies, and video marketing to showcase Wahsega’s products. She leverages AI in content marketing for data analysis, content distillation, and ensuring keyword effectiveness.

At Wahsega, Caroline spearheads the company’s marketing efforts of helping institutions protect and save lives through their advanced PA systems.

As a marketing leader, she is responsible for growing and inspiring her team while simultaneously accelerating Wahsega’s pipeline and revenue.

Check out Caroline Dunn's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Caroline shares:

"Effective B2B engagement centers on demonstrating value through case studies, showing potential customers how your products solve specific problems, ensuring they see proven results."

She also shares how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"To keep a brand fresh, regularly update visuals and ensure relevance by continuously solving customer problems. Stay in tune with industry trends and customer feedback to adapt and innovate, keeping your brand vibrant and top-of-mind in B2B markets."

Caroline explains what marketers can do tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"Marketers can harness AI to enhance efficiency and accuracy in content creation by using it for summarizing information, and checking spelling and grammar. Additionally, AI can analyze data to identify trends and personalize customer interactions."

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