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Meet Caroline Kempf - Chief Marketing Officer @ Geospace Technologies

Caroline Kempf is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Geospace Technologies, a global technology and instrumentation manufacturer specializing in vibration sensing and highly ruggedized products which serve energy, industrial, government, and commercial customers worldwide.

Caroline is an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing professional with more than two decades of experience leading strategic marketing teams, building brands, and generating revenue.

Moreover, Caroline’s professional journey has taken her from the East Coast of Florida to leading marketing efforts for a global company with operations in the US, Canada, South America, the UK, and Russia.

Her passion for bridging the gap between technical expertise and effective communication has been instrumental in her success. Additionally, her public relations background and agency experience allows her to excel in her current role.

At Geospace Technologies, Caroline helps the company diversify its offerings and effectively communicate the value of its highly technical products to niche markets. She has played a key role in the company’s expansion into the water utility and smart water industries.

She is committed to creating harmony between marketing, sales, and engineering teams to boost business growth.

Check out Caroline Kempf's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes builduing and managing teams as a leader in marketing, Caroline shares:

Educating my colleagues and peers about, the importance of marketing, the impact of marketing is very, very beneficial in being a leader in that field.

She also shares her thoughts on how marketing can support sales:

If you don't have a good relationship with your sales groups, you may not have the opportunity to get the voice of the customer.

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