Mastering Demand Generation Strategies
for Startup Success

by Carolyn Crandall

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Meet Carolyn Crandall from Marticulate

Meet Carolyn Crandall - Founder, Advisor & Fractional CMO @ Marticulate

Carolyn Crandall is the Founder, Advisor, and Fractional CMO at Marticulate. She leads critical roles in this company that seeks to revolutionize the GTM strategies of tech companies. 

Furthermore, Carolyn is also an Advisor at Forgepoint Capital. In this role, she commits to supporting early-stage startups through effective branding and demand-generation techniques.    

Her proven track record of driving success for startups makes Carolyn a sought-after expert in brand positioning, market creation, and messaging strategies.

Carolyn has received several recognitions from distinguished awarding organizations because of her work.

As a practicing thought leader, she actively contributes to shaping the discourse around helping startups and fueling innovation.

Check out Carolyn's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to marketing and sales alignment, Carolyn Crandall shares:

"Sales is supported with lead generation, boosting brand visibility, creating compelling messaging, providing insights, and aligning efforts with the sales process. It drives revenue growth and helps achieve business objectives through effective targeting and prospect nurturing."

She also shares how to incorporate the right tone of voice into writing:

"Incorporate the right tone of voice in writing by understanding the brand's personality, values, and audience. Adjust language, style, and phrasing for the desired emotional response. Be consistent, authentic, and empathetic to connect and effectively convey the desired message."

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