Empowering Scientific Discovery Through Strategic Marketing

by Chris Williams

Calibre Scientific

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Meet Chris Williams

Meet Chris Williams - SVP Marketing and M&A Integration @ Caliber Scientific

Chris Williams is the SVP Marketing and M&A Integration at Caliber Scientific, a diversified global provider of life science reagents, tools, instruments, and other consumables to the lab research, diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical communities.

Chris is an executive strategist committed to leading businesses’ digital transformation and brand strategy. He started his career by operating a small business where he learned about marketing by wearing multiple hats.

When his small business was sold to Caliber Scientific, Chris took on more responsibilities within the broader company, before eventually leading the marketing group.

At Caliber Scientific, Chris built a global marketing group. Under Chris’s leadership, the marketing team at Caliber Scientific is focusing on providing engaging and scientific content, understanding customer needs intimately, and empowering the sales team.

Check out Chris Williams' thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to writing content that customers want to read, Chris shares:

"Stop talking about yourself. People already have too much information coming to them, and too many things to remember and to in a day. Keep the customer and their challenges in mind, and understand that you're there to help them."

He also shares marketing can support sales:

"Marketers need to bring market and product intel and translate it into engaging content, capturing customer desires. That demand generation fuels the funnel for sales and helps close deals."

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