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Meet Christina Kyriazi

Meet Christina Kyriazi - Senior Vice President of Marketing @ PhotoShelter

Christina Kyriazi is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at PhotoShelter, the leading digital asset management platform for brands, organizations, and photographers to effortlessly manage, collaborate, and share visual media with the world.

Christina’s background in analytics only served as a springboard for her professional marketing journey. She leveraged her analytical skills to drive ROI for the businesses she worked for.

At PhotoShelter, Christina leads the company’s B2B SaaS marketing efforts. More importantly, she found a unique position where she could relate to the audience’s pain points, making marketing easier and more effective.

Christina’s marketing leadership has made PhotoShelter a go-to solution for organizations and entrepreneurs needing a trusted digital asset manager.

As a data-driven and customer-centric CMO, Christina believes that marketing should put customers at the center of every decision and that all marketing efforts should drive good results for the business.

Check out Christina Kyriazi's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Christina shares:

"It all starts with the customer - you have to figure out what makes them tick and then hone into that. What is the painpoint they're facing and how are you solving it uniquely? Once you have that defined it's much easier to engage your audience."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"The only way is to keep evolving it which does involve change. That can be uncomfortable for people but your brand should both have some core tenents that you follow over time but also adapt to the market and the customers as time goes by."

Christina explains how marketers should be thinking about content and the buyers’ journey:

"Different people need different types of content at different stages of the journey. That means that you will need to create a multitude of content in different formats and then 'beat' into your base's minds again and again. Some respond better to videos, others want to read."

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