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by Cynthia LaRue

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Meet Cynthia LaRue

Meet Cynthia LaRue - Vice President of Marketing @ Nift

Cynthia LaRue is the Vice President of Marketing at Nift, a company focused on transforming customer acquisition for DTC marketers using our AI-powered “Thank You Gifts. 

As a global marketing leader with over 25 years of experience, Cynthia stands as a remarkable marketer who can drive revenue and create demand for the business.

With over 25 years of professional experience in marketing, Cynthia has worked for various companies, including The Home Depot and Mars with the M&M’s brand. Moreover, she has a deep background in online and e-commerce marketing.

At Nift, Cynthia is focused on building brand awareness with advertisers, particularly direct-to-consumer brands and groups looking to acquire new customers.

Cynthia helps these D2C brands build out their marketing efforts and experiences to unlock customer acquisition through Nift’s network. Moreover, Cynthia is passionate about creating a culture of testing and learning within Nift’s marketing team to support business growth

Check out Cynthia LaRue's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Cynthia shares:

"I truly believe that content is the heart and soul of any B2B marketing strategy—without content, you’re just producing ads without any substance. Content includes blogs, emails, landing pages, podcasts, and more. What’s even more important than creating content is distributing it to your targeting ICP through various organic and paid channels to drive engagement. It’s one of the most fun parts of my job."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Keeping your brand relevant is critical for marketing teams. This can be achieved by continuously adapting to market trends, innovating messaging, and fostering customer-centric experiences. Most importantly, always talk to your customers, partners, and sales team members – keeping an open line of communication is key."

Cynthia explains what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"Personally, I leverage AI almost daily in my work routine. It’s saving me so much time and allowing me to focus on higher-level initiatives. AI needs to be embraced by marketing organizations—it’s a real game changer. I don’t see problems with AI; I only see opportunities. AI is here to stay and marketers are always on the cutting edge of technology, so it only makes sense that it’s having the biggest impact on our teams."

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