Transparent Leadership and Collaborative Partnership for Marketing Growth

by David Partain

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Meet David Partain from Northern Trust

Meet David Partain - Head of Brand Activation and Administration @ Northern Trust Asset Management.

David Partain is the Head of Brand Activation and Administration at Northern Trust Asset Management. He has also served as the Chief Marketing Officer of FlexShares ETFs

As showcased in his work portfolio, David demonstrates dynamic and transparent leadership. He emphasizes the power of shared values in building a strong organizational culture. 

Furthermore, David’s strategic marketing approach involves leveraging vendor relationships to supplement his team. 

Building collaborative partnerships with vendors and treating them with respect is a cornerstone in David’s leadership. 

His expertise in data analytics, brand development, and marketing technology tools make David Partain a highly reputed executive leader in the industry.

Check out David's thoughts on marketing

When it comes to helping marketing and sales work together to achieve the business objective, David shares:

"It is all about communication - set up regular meetings that keep the two areas connected and make sure that sales knows marketing wants to move the process along by empowering them to acheive their goals."

He also shares his approach to market research both customer and competitor-focused:

"Get as much of it as you can - we pay for both and it helps us to get our of our internal bubble and to focus on the needs of the client and how our competitors are addressing those needs."

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