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Meet Devin Leonardi

Meet Devin Leonardi - Chief Marketing Officer @ QPWB Law

Devin Leonardi is the Chief Marketing Officer at QPWB (Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer, P.A.) Law, the largest minority and woman-owned law firm in the U.S.

Devin’s love for marketing stems from his various experiences such as in writing, graphic design, and even photography. All of that and more led to his expertise in digital marketing and business development.

At QPWB, Devin plays a pivotal role in aligning individual skills and goals within the firm towards a common purpose.

True to their company’s belief in diversity, Devin emphasizes collaboration and simplifies content creation processes, particularly in the legal space.

His strategic approach involves leveraging the expertise of team members and making collaboration as easy as possible for content creation.

Devin’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and adaptability to marketing trends make him a driving force in QPWB Law’s marketing endeavors.

Check out Devin Leonardi's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Devin shares:

"Know your audience. Study them. Understand how they write and sound and then speak their language. And most importantly, don't fake it! Nothing is worse than writing copy for a specific audience that uses the wrong vernacular or terminology."

He also shares about how marketing and sales can work together to achieve business objectives:

"Collaboration is key! Aligning goals and strategies, sharing insights and data for targeted campaigns, jointly developing customer personas, coordinating on content and messaging, and regularly communicating to ensure a seamless customer journey from awareness to purchase."

Devin also shares his thoughts on the use of Artificial Intelligence in content marketing:

"Don't trust it fully. AI is an incredible tool if used correctly. However, if you are utilizing without a system of checks and balances, I promise you will make yourself and your business look ignorant. Always check the copy. Always go back and edit. Always make it your voice."

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