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Meet Diane Haines

Meet Diane Haines - Chief Product and Marketing Officer @ Mineral®

Diane Haines is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Mineral®, a company that takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance through an innovative one-stop platform for everything that small businesses need.

Before joining Mineral®, Diane demonstrated her expertise in product marketing and marketing leadership for software, healthcare, and biotechnology companies. 

Some of her notable previous roles include being the VP of Marketing at BioCarta, and Director of Marketing at OHSU and Agilent Technologies. She also served as the Vice President of Product Marketing and Product Management at Sage from 2010-2016.

At Mineral®, Diane focuses on spearheading the company’s efforts to help small to mid-sized businesses find the right HR and compliance solutions.

Her marketing leadership approach involves extensive customer research, strategic product development, and thought leadership content.

Check out Diane Haines's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Diane shares:

"Marketing interacts with prospective and existing customers along their entire buying journey. By engaging buyers with content, Marketing creates opportunities for buyers to learn more about problems they may be having in their business and how to solve them."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"A brand should stay consistent but also needs to stay relevant to the ever changing business environment. This means reinvigorating the brand regularly with new messaging, visual identity, storytelling and more to ensure it is staying relevant and contemporary."

Diane also explains how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing partners with Sales to create awareness, demand, and pipeline as well as enables the closing of deals. Furthermore, Marketing ensures Sales is presenting the company and product value proposition consistently as well as positioned to win against the competition."

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