Driving Efficiency and Innovation in
Healthcare Marketing: A CMO's Vision

by Donald polite

Skygen USA

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Meet Don Polite

Meet Donald Polite - Chief Marketing Officer @ SKYGEN

Donald Polite is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at SKYGEN, a healthcare tech company that powers specialty benefits administration through cutting-edge technology solutions and expertly driven third-party administration services.

Donald is a seasoned business executive. He previously worked for B2B and B2C Fortune 500 Companies like Johnson Controls, Abbott, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Nestle.

Moreover, Donald is an expert in global brand strategy, brand transformation, digital innovation, strategic partnerships, key account management, licensing and buyer engagement.

As SKYGEN’s CMO, Don leads the marketing efforts to address challenges in the industry, such as outdated technology, cybersecurity issues, and interoperability.

Don’s strategic approach to marketing involves understanding customer pain points, developing tailored content, and maintaining brand consistency across multiple channels. 

Under Don’s leadership, SKYGEN has established itself as a thought leader and innovator in the healthcare space, particularly in innovation and technology-enabled solutions.

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When it comes to working with strategic partners, Donald shares:

"By building relationships based on collaboration, communication and trust. It's equally important to ensure the partnerships are equitable and a "win-win" for both parties."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"By having a pulse on consumer sentiment for your brand. Do your product and service offerings deliver on your brand promise and are consumers satisfied? Does your marketing message resonate with consumers? Keeping a pulse on brand reputation and customer satisfaction through various brand health measures (including NPS Scores), you can make the necessary adjustments to the products and messaging to stay "fresh" over time."

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