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Meet Eric Herzog

Meet Eric Herzog - Chief Marketing Officer @ Infinidat

Eric Herzog is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Infinidat, a data storage company that offers advanced enterprise-class cloud and data storage solutions.

With over two decades of experience as a sales and marketing executive, Eric has made significant contributions to the companies he has worked for, particularly in the tech industry. 

Before joining Infinidat, Eric spent six years at IBM, where he also held the Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Worldwide Storage Channels roles for IBM Storage Division. He has also worked for notable companies like Tarmin, Inc., Violin Memory, and EMC.

Eric is a sought-after leader in the tech industry because of his expertise in storage systems and software, cloud computing, and converged infrastructure. As a business leader, he specializes in strategic marketing, product marketing management, and business development.

As CMO at Infinidat, Eric manages different marketing teams. He has also led the company’s product branding.

For all his work at Infindiat, Eric has been a recipient of many esteemed recognitions awarded by several marketing leadership organizations.

Check out Eric Herzog's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to connecting customer pain points to content marketing, Eric shares:

"For effective marketing, it is critical to understand the pain points of the customers. Marketing materials and programs that do not solve customer needs, requirements, and pain points will not be successful."

He explains why buyer personas are important in content marketing:

"It is critical to always play to your audience. In some areas of marketing that could be one buyer - such as B-to-C often is - and is others could be 10 or more - such as enterprise B-to-B companies. Knowing who is the buyer and influencer is critcal to effective marketing."

Eric also discusses how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing's key role in B-to-B companies is to support sales in all areas of marketing. From press and analyst relations to demand generation to channel marketing to technical marketing to product marketing to social media and more.."

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