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Meet Erin Murray

Meet Erin Murray - Senior Vice President of Marketing @ Mad Rabbit

Erin Murray is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mad Rabbit, a fast-growing tattoo aftercare company that offers natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products.

With over eight years of experience in brand marketing, digital transformation, and public relations, Erin has a proven track record of driving growth, innovation, and customer loyalty for various beauty and wellness brands.

At Mad Rabbit, Erin is primarily responsible for leading all aspects of brand marketing, from storytelling and product development to e-commerce and influencer marketing.

Under Erin’s marketing leadership, Mad Rabbit has established its presence in big-box retailers while maintaining a strong e-commerce presence. 

Check out Erin Murray's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to effective content creation and distribution, Erin shares:

"Content creation is getting harder to break through the wide space, to break through the noise. So, oftentimes, you need to really start with a really good hook."

She also shares why branding must be consistent:

"It's incredibly important because the consumer is seeing us in different touch points. It's important that we are contextually consistent across all of those channels so that the consumer recognizes us."

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