Thriving with Innovation: A Path to
Transforming Healthcare Marketing

by Gitesh Dubal


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Meet Gitesh Dubal

Meet Gitesh Dubal - EVP and Chief Marketing Officer @ Versiti Inc.

Gitesh Dubal is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Versiti Inc., a world-class blood health organization and the national leader in innovative blood health solutions.

As a global healthcare executive, Giteh Dubal has consistently demonstrated his expertise in cross-functional leadership, general management, and marketing.

Moreover, Gitesh is a firm advocate of purpose-driven leadership. This approach has been translated into Gitesh’s commitment to innovation in marketing strategies and building high-performing teams.

Before joining Versiti Inc., Gitesh worked in various marketing and sales leadership roles for different brands across the globe. Some of these notable businesses that Gitesh worked for include Shire, Baxalta, and Baxter International Inc.

As the CMO and EVP of Versiti Inc., Gitesh is dedicated to the company’s mission of being blood health innovators who enhance lives through discovery, diagnosis, and treatment.

Check out Gitesh Dubal's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Gitesh shares:

"On the B2B side, we've seen that there's no substitute for human interaction. Especially in some of the work that we're doing, that person to person engagement is really important."

He also shares why branding is important in content marketing:

"Branding is important to any and every space. It talks about who you are, what's your identity, what's that visual identity, what's the verbal identity. What does it invoke with your customers? "

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