The Power of Mentorship: Guiding CMOs to Maximize Success and Avoid Pitfalls


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Meet Grant Johnson - Chief Marketer @ CMO Mentor

Grant Johnson is the Chief Marketer at CMO Mentor, a coaching services company specifically dedicated to helping CMOs.

With a proven track record of accelerating revenues and scaling businesses, Grant stands as a trusted leader, mentor, and growth advisor.

Grant has managed early-stage companies to become multi-billion dollar enterprises like Billtrust, Emburse, and Symantec He has also managed global brands like Norton and Toshiba.

At CMO Mentor, Grant focuses on two main areas: mentoring CMOs to avoid pitfalls and maximize success, and diagnosing business states to optimize marketing performance. He has developed a Marketing Performance Index to help companies assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Grant is a big believer in the power of metrics and data-driven decision-making. Throughout his career, Grant has been a metrics maven, tracking over 100 key metrics to ensure that businesses are succeeding in their marketing efforts. 

Grant’s marketing approach is strategic and dynamic, making him a valuable mentor and consultant in the industry.

Check out Grant Johnson's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to deciding marketing investments, Grant shares:

"You need to have what's called market presence… create demand, and right in the middle, you have building brand. And if you get all 3 of those going together, your go to market's gonna be more efficient."

He also shares her thoughts on how to approach content creation and distribution:

"You gotta create great content, then you gotta figure out how to get red… You've gotta go where they're hunting"

He also shares her thoughts on how to approach metrics in marketing:

"If you do it right, you really should orchestrate everything in marketing to have a metric and have a target… that tells you how you can best, adjust and optimize your investments to get the best return on marketing."

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