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Meet Haydn Fleming

Meet Haydn Fleming - Chief Marketing Officer @ 2Point Digital Agen

Haydn Fleming is the Chief Marketing Officer of 2Point Digital Agency, a full-service digital agency focused on branding, animated websites, and fully managed digital and social marketing.

Haydn has a rich background in sales and marketing leadership. In his current role, Haydn emphasizes the significance of deeply understanding your customers, distributing content in the right channels, and establishing culture fit.

Moreover, Haydn focuses on building a team of infinite learners who constantly adapt to the market needs and develop more skill sets. His approach to marketing leadership revolves around creating a cohesive team with a unified vision.

On top of it all, Haydn is a builder of marketing systems, a podcast host, and the newsletter writer of Marketing 123’s.  

Check out Haydn Fleming's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Haydn Fleming shares:

"You don't "create" engagement. You attract it. People engage with the things they care about (positive or negative). So be something people care about."

He also shares about having the right mindset when marketing:

"It's incredibly important that you focus on the person and not on the product. You're not trying to market and sell your product to a person. You're trying to find a way, find a person that you can satisfy by any means necessary."

Haydn also talks about how you can keep your brand fresh over time:

"Branding isn't logos & fonts. It's the feeling your customers & prospects have towards you. If you're doing a good job, then that feeling should only deepen as time goes on. Follow the movement of the culture. Beliefs, perspectives, and ideas change as time goes on."

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