Driving Better Customer Experiences through Effective Tech Marketing

by Heidi Barber

Parker Technology

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Meet Heidi Barber

Meet Heidi Barber - Vice President of Marketing @ Parker Technology

Heidi Barber is the Vice President of Marketing at Parker Technology, a VC-backed, tech-led services company in the parking and mobility industry. Parker provides both the software and platform and staff to handle inbound customer service calls that originates from parking facilities.

With over a decade of B2B marketing experience, Heidi Barber is a renowned leader and expert in implementing marketing automation processes, developing effective inbound strategies, establishing and growing a brand, and creative execution in the areas of lead nurturing, content creation, social media management, and trade show / event marketing. 

Heidi has been instrumental in transforming Parker Technology’s brand from being seen solely as a call center service to a versatile technology provider. 

Under her leadership, the company has expanded its market reach by licensing software and emphasizing its technological capabilities.

Heidi’s approach to marketing involves ensuring brand consistency across all channels, developing successful go-to-market strategies, and fostering strong team collaboration. 

Her dedication to clear communication and alignment across teams has significantly contributed to Parker Technology’s growth and success. 

Check out Heidi Barber's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Heidi shares:

"The first step is by meeting your target audience where they are - use the channels and mediums they use. The second step is by creating compelling, relevant content. Speak to their painpoints, use shared language and focus on what they care about."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"As a company evolves, the brand must evolve too. And not just the logo. Brand encompasses so much more than that - the brand voice, the visual imagery, content themes, etc. You do this by intentionally auditing and refreshing all internal and external collateral and messaging."

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