Breakthroughs in Personal Branding:
The MESSAGE Therapist™ Way

by Hersh Rephun

Brand Voice Runway

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Meet Hersh Rephun

Meet Hersh Rephun - Chief Marketing Officer @ Brand Voice Runway

Hersh Rephun is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Brand Voice Runway, a company that helps 7 and 8-figure CEOs and founders with their personal branding. 

Hersh boasts an eclectic background in the arts, filmmaking, screenwriting, and stand-up comedy before transitioning into marketing. 

This allowed him to work with startups and billion-dollar brands, challengers and market leaders, fledgling filmmakers, and Oscar nominees.

Known as The MESSAGE Therapist™, Hersh Rephun has helped 100s of businesses refine their messaging. He combines the power of storytelling and even humor to help his clients break through to their audience. 

At Brand Voice Runway, Hersh helps founders and CEOs who are too closely associated with their company and want to do other things. He achieves this through MESSAGE Therapy™, a way to build their personal brand from the inside out.  

Hersh also hosts the following podcasts: YES, Brand and Truth Tastes Funny.

Check out Hersh Rephun's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Hersh shares:

"Each personal brand has a 100% unique tone of voice. If we define and deploy that, the "right" tone of voice is assured."

He also shares what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"AI is a brilliantly cast tool for the right mindset. If we are footed in our core values, it can help in disseminating our message."

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