Effective Marketing and Leadership for
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by Jennifer Mitchell

Safeguard Equipment

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Meet Jennifer Mitchell

Meet Jennifer Mitchell - Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications @ Safeguard Equipment

Jennifer Mitchell is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Safeguard Equipment, a company that provides life-saving technology to prevent major incidents related to power and voltage in the utility, telecom, and construction industries.

As an accomplished marketing executive, Jennifer Mitchell boasts a track record of increasing brand revenue and building brand equity.

She has demonstrated her expertise in omnichannel marketing and communications for the businesses she worked with.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked in various industries, including professional services, tech, energy, hospitality, and publishing. She has a passion for learning new things and being challenged, which has led her to jump around in different areas and enjoy a full career.

At Safeguard Equipment, Jennifer spearheads the company’s marketing efforts to help the mission of saving lives and preventing accidents through their innovative technology.

Check out Jennifer Mitchell's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to marketing supporting sales, Jennifer shares:

"Marketing and sales are symbiotic in every way. Marketing lays the groundwork for the intrigue and interest in what the sales team is approaching the customer about, and essentially creates the answer to a problem or need.."

She also shares  how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Always push the creative edge. Whatever the brand may be, you must maintain brand integrity while continuing to attract new customers, reward loyal customers and keep the brand fresh and top of mind. It is a partnership between marketing, sales, creative and business analytics."

Jennifer explains why buyer personas are helpful:

"They allow you, and others, to fully immerse yourself into the customer that you are trying to connect with. As in anything in life, walking in someone else's shoes always gives you perspective and insight."

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