Maximizing Marketing Campaign Successes for Better Customer Relationships

by Jesús Hoyos

CX2 Advisory

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Meet Jesús Hoyos

Meet Jesús Hoyos - CRM Advisor & Chief Strategy Officer @ CX2 Advisory

Jesús Hoyos is the CRM Advisor and Chief Strategy Officer at CX2 Advisory, an independent analyst for vendors and companies. 

With his extensive experience in the CRM industry and marketing, Jesús has become a renowned leader in this field. He is an expert in providing leadership in the execution of Customer Relationship Management initiatives.

Throughout his career, Jesús has helped clients select the right technology, data, and processes to maximize their current technology stack and meet their goals. He works with their teams, consultants, agencies, and partners to ensure a clear path to success.

At CX2 Advisory, Jesús focuses on turning conversations into transactions by understanding audiences, segments, and buyer personas using data from various sources. He emphasizes the importance of measuring content performance, having a campaign governance, and aligning metrics across marketing, sales, and service.

Finally, Jesús believes in empowering people with data to make decisions and maximizing conversations across all channels to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Check out Jesús Hoyas's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to how marketers can tap into AI and become more effective in marketing, Jesús shares:

"I think the artificial intelligence in the different flavors are gonna help you improve the performance of the campaign."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time why branding is important:

"Branding needs to be part of that customer experience, needs to be part of that customer engagement in the whole relationship cycle."

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