Leading the Way through Practical, Strategic, and Sustainable Marketing

by John Ely

Heartland Industries

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Meet John Ely

Meet John Ely - Chief Marketing Officer @ Heartland Industries

John Ely is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Heartland Industries, a material innovation company that engineers high-performance carbon-negative additives for plastic and other raw materials.

John has an impressive career that began in electrical engineering in Silicon Valley and includes experiences in engineering, communications, and education.

His journey led him to create successful records in accelerating revenue growth and driving value at the highest levels of global business. 

John’s commitment to sustainability and his expertise in marketing culminated in his role at Heartland, where he oversees the marketing efforts for sustainability manufacturing.

His leadership is marked by a dedication to thought leadership, customer-centric strategies, and a focus on sustainability goals.

Recently, he was
named a finalist for OnCon Icon’s Top 100 Marketers Award.

Check out John Ely's thoughts on content marketing and sales

When it comes to marketing’s role in the sales pipeline, John shares:

"Marketing's first job is to give salespeople the tools they need to sell. The job of marketers is to aim the sales team with great sales collaterals and content."

He also adds how marketing and sales can work together:

"The first thing is to be as close to your customers as possible. I have to understand their pain points. The key to this is that sales and marketing are perfectly aligned. We don't always agree on things, but we come to a consensus on how the marketing and sales efforts are going to push forward."

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