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Meet Jon Finegold from Signiant

Meet Jon Finegold - Chief Marketing Officer @ Signiant

Jon Finegold is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Signiant.

He spearheads Signiant’s marketing efforts to be known as a leading force in SaaS platforms in uniting the global media ecosystem.

Jon’s background in technology and marketing has been instrumental in Signiant’s success.

His expertise highlights the importance of building strong sales-marketing relationships, optimizing lead generation, and leveraging integrated approaches.

Jon’s emphasis on clean data and efficient processes drives Signiant’s growth, with Salesforce as the company’s database anchor.

His leadership ensures Signiant’s position at the forefront of secure and reliable media content solutions.

Check out Jon's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to balancing inbound and outbound marketing in the digital marketing approach, Jon shares:

"Both are important. There is no one thing. Meetings come from inbound, outbound, events, nurture, etc. It is important to do it all well"

He also shares the first step in writing content that customers want to read:

"Be brief and precise. Don't try to tell the whole story at once. Speak in language that your customers use."

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