Accelerating Revenue Growth
through Data-Driven Marketing

by Justin Steinman

Therapy Brands

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Meet Justin Steinman

Meet Justin Steinman - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Therapy Brands

Justin Steinman is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Therapy Brands, a high-value therapy practice management software that’s made by and for therapists, to help them grow with their practice, and give back time to spend with patients.

With a background in marketing and a passion for data-driven strategies, Justin is a seasoned marketer with extensive experience in demand generation, content marketing, branding, and product marketing.

Having served in various leadership roles in different industries, Justin brings his knowledge and expertise to Therapy Brands. 

As Therapy Brands’ CMO, he is responsible for all of the company’s marketing and communication, including product marketing, demand generation, corporate marketing, and customer engagement. 

Under Justin’s leadership, Therapy Brands has seen significant growth and success in positioning itself as a trusted partner in the healthcare sector

Check out Justin Steinman's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Justin shares:

"People buy from people. For some reason, when we come to work, we feel the need to become artificially formal and serious. I prefer to have a tone that it is professional yet engaging, educated yet accessible."

He also explains why buyer personas are important in content marketing:

"Buyer personas help you understand customer pain points and what problems they are solving every day. A good marketer can walk a marathon in the shoes of their customer. A buyer persona gives you the insight to do that."

Justin also points out how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing & sales have to be equal partners, and both need to feel equally accountable for revenue. You need one sales & marketing integrated funnel, and the entire team needs to agree on the targets and metrics."

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